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Chris Harris Jr. Opens 'New Chapter'

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Chris Harris Jr.
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At least 80% of interceptions start in bed. Or in a recliner. I’m serious. Monday through Friday, all I do is watch film on receivers. On Monday nights, I watch our upcoming opponents’ last three games. Every single snap in the All-22 film. That gives me a head start going into the week. I try to walk into the facility the next morning already knowing most of their offense before the coaches tell me.
If you want to get a jump on a route, you have to start making the interception on Monday. My first pick this season, against the Panthers, was straight film. Based on their formation, and their personnel, and the down and distance, I had in mind a few plays they might run as soon as they broke the huddle.
Chris Harris Jr.


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Avie went 4/4 today and Aria had a goal today playing soccer 🔥
Visiting Roosevelt today Blessed to be able to impact the Dallas School district . @lionhearted_26 @hatch_realestate


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