Throughout his football career, Chris has consistently found himself playing the role of the Underdog. Whether it was for his size or the fact that he went undrafted after a successful college career with a non-competitive team, the odds have not always been in Chris’ favor. But no matter how difficult things got, the person that mattered most always knew that Chris was destined for success – Chris himself. But Chris acknowledges that he never would have been able to live his dream without people along the way that believed in him as much as he believed in himself. This background is a big reason why Chris founded the Chris Harris Jr. foundation.

There are thousands of children in Denver and across the country who are also Underdogs, and the Chris Harris Jr. Foundation is Chris’s way of helping those kids rise above their circumstances and strive for greatness. For Chris, every Underdog deserves a shot at success. Every summer Chris will hold a free Underdog Football Skills Academy in Denver as well as his hometown of Tulsa, OK to support young underdogs trying to live out their dreams. Chris and Leah are also active in the Big Brothers Big Sisters program, and in 2013 Chris is sponsoring the Chris Harris Jr. Student Success Challenge. The goal of the program is to get kids to make pledges about how they will approach school, chores, physical fitness and community service. Chris and Leah also each have a child in the program that they personally mentor. Chris is also an active voice speaking out against domestic violence, a problem Chris believes we can begin to solve if male athletes and role models take a proactive stand against it. The Chris Harris Jr. foundation will always look at identifying groups that may be overlooked and find ways to support them and put them in the spotlight. Chris is looking forward to many years of helping Underdogs reach their potential.