Air Traffic Control: Predicting Chris Harris Jr.’s 2017 Stats

Air Traffic Control: Predicting Chris Harris Jr.’s 2017 Stats

Article by Cory Roark |  (View original article here)

Chris Harris Jr. is an NFL name that has gained respect and fear. He continues to shut down the opposition, and he’ll surely fly around in 2017.

When you hear the name Chris Harris Jr. what comes to mind? Underrated, undrafted, and Shutdown Corner.

Let there be no secret that Chris Harris Jr. has one of the best stories in the NFL. He went undrafted in the NFL. He fought and clawed his way to a roster spot. When he stepped onto the field he earned his position and quickly became a player of tremendous

A cornerback who follows the number one receiver from hash to hash is a rare feature in the NFL today. Harris Jr. does that and much more.

He came into the league in 2011 and played in all 16 games, and started in four. In his rookie season he tallied 72 tackles, six pass deflections, and one interception.

From that point forward his production increased and his value did even further. In 2014 he found NFL quarterbacks testing him, and they failed. He broke up 17 passes that season and snagged 3 interceptions in arguably his best season to date.

What ended up separating Harris Jr. and other cornerbacks was the consistency he’s demonstrated over the years. Offensive coordinators were circling his name on people who can wreck their game plan.

While opposing teams fear him, they also have learned to respect him.

In 2016 he was ranked at #63 on the NFL Top 100, but he is still disrespected by what he has done at his position. Opposing teams avoid throwing to his side as much as they can, but when they do, their quarterbacks completion percentage drops.

Predicting Chris Harris Jr.’s 2017 Stats

Last season Harris Jr. had 63 tackles, two interceptions, and 11 pass deflections. While the stat line doesn’t appear “flashy”, what it doesn’t show is how often teams threw away from him and how many wide receivers he shut down.

Tackles: 75

Pass Breakups: 13 passes defended

Interceptions: 6 passes intercepted

Touchdowns: 2 returned for touchdowns

Forced Fumbles: 3 fumbles forced

I believe NFL teams will have to play with fire due to the Broncos having two shutdown corners and a phenomenal third corner in Bradley Roby. Teams will be forced to throw Harris Jr’s. way and will have to live with the consequences that come when you attempt to fly in a No Fly Zone!

What are your thoughts Broncos Country?

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